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Things to Consider About Wedding Catering

The wedding day is probably one of the most stressful milestones in a woman’s life. The countless hours of researching,. learning, planning, preparing, shopping, tasting, fittings, and more comes down to 20 minutes or less of a ceremony and a few hours of celebrating and eating.

There’s a few things your guests will remember about your special day. Your wedding dress, your decor and your food. Based on experience it’s safe to say most menus are chosen based on the couple’s budget. Then secondly, it’s based on the experience. Do you want your guests to serve themselves through a buffet line or be served a plated dinner at the seats? Or, how about an action station or carving station?

Choosing a buffet is usually more economical, providing your guests with a meal that will be more substantial and filling  For larger crowds, we would suggest a buffet table per 100 guests. Having double-sided buffets helps to ensure your guests don’t have to wait too long to eat, allowing two serving lines per buffet set up.

A plated dinner is more formal and elegant, yet oftentimes more costly due to the labor involved. When the plate is presented to the guests it’s a masterpiece bursting with flavor, very fulfilling. Choose from a generous single entree paired with complementing side dishes or choose a lesser portion dual entree for a memorable dining experience.

Action Stations or Meat Carving Stations add another experience component to the celebration of your big day  Manned by an experience chef, these stations or more interactive. Some stations allow guests to choose their ingredients and even have them cooked on the spot. Stations can be more time consuming so it’s alays good to combine them with some type of buffet service so your guests don’t have to wait too long to eat.

Appetizers have long been a staple at wedding receptions but they work best when there’s many choices for your guests to choose from. Also, be careful serving appetizers during the dinner hour, as your guests will oftentimes want more than the usual serving size to fill up.

When choosing your style of dining, talk to your caterer about your options and their suggestions for which will be the best to execute i the venue you’ve chosen for your wedding day.


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